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Site Announcements
080610: Cryptography Tune-up
Some bugs in the Morse translator have been fixed. It can now properly autodetect morse code, and doesn't enter "permutator" mode unless the code does indeed contain a sequence of 7 non broken symbols
071126: Introducing Gadgets!
Altamatic takes a huge leap forward with the introduction of Gadgets - super handly tools organized by tags - all merged into a unified, effecient launcher. The Chronometry, Hieroglyphics, and Linguistics pages have all been merged into the gadget system, and more cool gadgets are on the way!
071124: One Time Pads
One Time Pad generator has been added to Printables section!
Minor cryptography tuneup to enhance automatic mode detection of binary code
071017: Cryptography and Linguistics Tune Up
Instructional text for the Cryptography system has been been re-written to cover all the features that have been added over the last couple months, A "Transcription Visualizer" has been added, A "Statistics" box that provides frequency analysis info is now shown for all methods when in "Decipher" mode, and many more digital hashing methods have been added!
The linguistics section has also been organized a bit better, with hieroglyphics and translation each on their own page.
071016: Printables
New "Printables" section added, with three printable pages of handy code solving tools.
The printable sheets were actually created a while ago for Jamestown (Hence the "hunt" reference :-), but they just got the final polish and were added to the site.
071015: Morse Morphing
The cyptography system can now calculate random permutations for non broken morse character sequences, and solve them automatically!
This can be really helpful to solve morse sequences after the spacing has been lost (whether unintentionally or deliberately :-)! To try it out, enter a sequence of more than 7 morse code characters in a row (with no spaces) in the cryptography system.
071011: Attack of the Ads
AltaMatic is being hijacked by contextual advertising!
Not quite... But after nearly 6 months of ad free existence, a couple ads have been added here and there. Don't mind them - they won't bite - and you just might find something that interests you!
071010: Core Upgrades
AltaMatic, along with the rest of the ATI Network, has just undergone a major templating system upgrade. You can now select multiple "themes" to view AltaMatic in via the "My Settings" menu in the upper right corner of the page!
071004: New Name
Spy Tools has "graduated" from being a mere subdomain of the theati.net, and now gets it's own full name as AltaMatic.com!
Yes - we will all miss "Spy Tools", but the domain wasn't available - and I am planning to add some more tools in the future that will be useful to more than just spies...
071002: New Server
All of the ATI Network has been moved over to a new server!
Spy Tools should be lightning fast again, and some more cool features are in the works.
070507: Morse Tweaks
Thanks to a suggestion by "Tim", the morse codes for x and y are correct and we now have many more characters.
070505: Major Update
Tons of new features and improvements!
  • Index: Less junk, and a new "Announcements" section (which you are reading right now). Past announcements will be filled in from my memory :-)
  • Cryptography: Totally redone! The entire cryptography system is now much more organized, and can now solve and scramble text. The different "methods" have been reorganized, and I have added a new one called "digital". The "Smart Detection" system has been taken to the next level, and can now intelligently pick the correct mode to solve many basic ciphers (more coming soon). Besides rewriting all the previous algorithyms to be able to scramble and solve, I have also added new algorithyms for Binary, Base 64, Hexidecimal, MD5 (one way), L33T (just for fun), Morse Backwards, and "Pig Lattin". I am also working on adding intelligent "tips" all throught the code breaking process to make things self explanatory!
  • Translation, Hieroglyphics, Chronometry: Shined up quite a bit. Formatting is more consistent and intuitive!
Looks like the stats are about to pass 5,000 views. Good work - and be sure to tell all your friends!
As always, if there is anything you feel could be improved on SpyTools, please >> let me know
070502: Cryptography - Smart Text Detecting and Morse Code
The Cryptography system can now automatically detect certain kinds of text in the "Simple Obfuscation Solver" mode (such as the brand new Morse Code)
0704(20-30): More Features
Brand new chronometry and translation pages - with tons of different calendars to learn about and convert, and quite a few languages to translate between!
070412: Release
SpyTools is released! Spytools started out as a simple PHP script to solve caesar ciphers for the Jamestown 400, but quickly evolved more features as the need arose to solve more types of clues. For example, when I needed to solve a hieroglyphics puzzle - I compared every hieroglyphics dictionary on the net and made my own better one! After a while the collection of tools I had was large enough I felt it would be useful to other people, and so I made this site...

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