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Welcome to the AltaMatic cryptography system!

Here is how it works:
  1. Set the Mode: If you have plaintext you would like to encipher, set the mode to "Encipher". Otherwise, leave it on "Decipher" to solve things.
  2. Set the Method: If are enciphering your text, or you already know what mode the text was ciphered with, select a method manually. Otherwise, leave the mode on "Automatic".
  3. Enter your Text: Enter your plain or cipher text in the "Text" box.
  4. >> Process: The cryptography engine will perform your requested operations and return the results to you!

Reading the Results:
  1. Enciphering: If your mode was set to "Encipher", you will have a list of your text ciphered using different algorithms related to your "Method". Select one, copy it, and go puzzle your friends!
  2. Deciphering: If your method was on "Automatic", the system will have used basic frequency analysis to set the method automatically. Based on your method, you will have a list of your ciphertext deciphered many different ways. If any of them make sense in english, you are set! Otherwise, read on...

Understanding the Results: (organized by method)
It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with Transposition Ciphers and Substitution ciphers.
  • Digital:
    The digital methods should all be easily recognizable, and they either work or they don't. If they don't, you will need to try another method :-)
  • Morse:
    If there are a lots of "di"s and "dah"s in your cihertext, it is probably morse. Morse solving is completley automated, and the system should be able to present you with the plaintext! If the character break sequences become lost however, solving morse becomes much more difficult... If there are a series of more than 7 dots or dashes in a row with no seperating spaces, AltaMatic switches to "Morse Permutator" mode and generates a significant number of random space sequences. Because of the huge number of possible combinations, morse permutations are limited to 12 characters at a time. It is suggested you start with the first 12 characters, find a letters that makes sense, and then start at the end of that letter and keep looking for letters till you have reached the end of your message.
  • Numeric:
    "Numeric" ciphers are a form of substitution ciphers, but have been designated with their own mode as they have many unique properties of their own. If your message is not solved using the basic numeric algorithyms, it may be a form of Book Cipher. You can solve or create book ciphers by entering a conversion base in the "Base" field. For example, if you wanted to perform the 2nd Beal cipher, you would enter the Declaration of Independence in the "Base" field!
  • Transposition:
    A transposition cipher involves rearranging letters without actually changing them. Because of this, you can generally use frequency analysis to determine if a transposition cipher or substitution cipher has been used on a message! AltaMatic will automaticaly run your ciphertext through several transposition algorithyms, but if none of them produce a legible message you can try the "Transposition Visualizer". Using the visualizer, you can try arranging the letters in your message in different orders by clicking on the letter tiles. This is a great way to solve "Anagrams", which are merely randomized versions of a transposition cipher.
  • Substitution:
    If the frequency of letters in your ciphertext does not appear to correspond to the frequency of letters in English, there is a good chance you are dealing with a substitution cipher. AltaMatic will automatically run the ciphertext through all 26 rotations of a "Caesar Cipher", but if this does not solve the cipher you can try using the "Substitution Visualizer". The substitution visualizer works on the principle that each letter in the ciphertext corresponds to a specific letter in the plaintext. You can edit letters in the plaintext until you have a legible message.

Keep in mind that there are a huge number of methods that can be used to obfuscate text, and this system does not handle all of them. Messages can also be ciphered multiple times using methods supported by this system, which can greatly hinder solving.

Perservere, and Have Fun!

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